So, I recently got a puppy co-driver. He’s still in training.

acaffeinatedkid, H&R sport springs and KYB shocks all around.

earlyhoursenlightenment asked:
Such a nice car, any plans to lower it? I think a modest drop would finish it nicely.

I’ve already lowered it actually, about 2” in the front and 1.5” in the rear. No plans to go any lower anytime soon. The ride is perfect for daily driving as is. The spring and shock combo I picked gives the car a sporty feel when driven without sacrificing comfort. 

He said he’s going to buy an M5? He can’t afford an M5.
some kid driving around in his daddy’s Volvo S60R

Although not a popular car nor the cleanest, there’s something to be said for driving and modifying a car that’s different from the rest.

Anonymous asked:
I saw a clean stock white legacy gt with a wing and everything and it reminded me of your car lol (I might have taken some pics)

Mine’s anything but clean but that’s rad, dude. Submit some pics if you got any!

My car is the perfect 60mph cruiser. Fast enough, no exhaust droning, 29mpg, 2800rpms, 5th gear.